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Welcome to Wicked Studios – a queer-owned and operated collective of hair stylists, barbers and estheticians where creativity, community, and sustainability come together.

Our commitment is to offer an inclusive and respectful space for self-expression and transformation. We're proud to integrate earth-friendly practices into our mission, ensuring that our creativity coexists harmoniously with the planet.

Our team is entirely self employed, this is to provide access to small business ownership in our industry and keep profits in the hands of workers. Operating by appointment only, our service providers set their own hours. 

To book an appointment, explore our creators page. Choose your preferred stylist, barber, or esthetician, and book directly through their individual website or booking link.

We have moved locations! 
We are now located in the West Bottoms at 1311 W 13th St.  on the first level of the Quincy Building. There are four steps up to our street entrance on 13th St. Our parking lot is located on the East side of the building, where there is an additional entrance with wheelchair access. 



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